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BSE Updates
  Wyeth Share Prices
Governance Reports

June 30, 2014   (PDF)

March 31, 2014   (PDF)

December 31, 2013   (PDF)

September 30, 2013  (PDF)

June 30, 2013  (PDF)

March 31, 2013  (PDF)

December 31, 2012  (PDF)

September 30, 2012   (PDF)

Media Agreements
  Media Agreements
Code Of Conduct
Code Of Conduct
Whistle Blower / Vigil Mechanism
Whistle Blower / Vigil Mechanism
List of Shareholders whose Dividends are unclaimed
As on September 6, 2013
Form5INV as on 06.09.2013 - Wyeth Limited  (PDF)
List of unclaimed Dividend 2011-2012  
List of unclaimed Dividend 2009-11-Final  
List of unclaimed Dividend 2009-11-Interim  
List of unclaimed Dividend November 2009  
List of unclaimed Dividend 2008-2009  
List of unclaimed Dividend 2007-2008  
List of unclaimed Dividend 2006-2007  
List of unclaimed Dividend 2005-2006  
Share Holding Patterns
Shareholding Pattern as on June 30, 2014  (PDF)
Shareholding Pattern as on March 31, 2014  (PDF)
Shareholding Pattern as on December 31, 2013  (PDF)
Shareholding Pattern as on September 30, 2013  (PDF)
Shareholding Pattern as on June 30, 2013  (PDF)
Shareholding Pattern as on March 31, 2013  (PDF)
Shareholding Pattern as on December 31, 2012  (PDF)
Shareholding Pattern as on September 30, 2012  (PDF)
Analysts Teleconference
1st Quarter
3rd Quarter
Audited Results- Year Ended March 31, 2014

 Annual Reports

   2012–2013   (PDF)

   2011–2012   (PDF)

   December 2009 – March 2011   (PDF)

   APR 2009-NOV 2009  (PDF)

   2008-2009  (PDF)    

   Unaudited Results ending 30th September 2011   (PDF)

 Recent News Releases

   News Release – Wyeth Ltd’s Revenues and Profit from operations for the Quarter up by 16% and 50% respectively – 25th July, 2014  (PDF)

   News Release – April 28, 2014 – Board Meeting  (PDF)

   News Release - April 28, 2014  (PDF)

   News Release - January 27, 2014  (PDF)

   News Release - November 29, 2013  (PDF)

   News Release - November 23, 2013  (PDF)

   New Release - November 1, 2013  (PDF)

   New Release - August 13, 2013  (PDF)

   New Release - July 30, 2013  (PDF)

 Analyst Presentations

   Presentation – Proposed Merger of Wyeth Ltd with Pfizer Ltd  (PDF)

 Scheme of Amalgamation

    Results of Postal Ballot and e-voting  (PDF)

    Scrutinizer’s Report on Postal Ballot and e-Voting  (PDF)

    Results of Poll  (PDF)

    Notice of Court Convened Meeting and Postal Ballot and e-Voting  (PDF)

    Wyeth Limited - Observation Letter - Bombay Stock Exchange  (PDF)

    Wyeth Limited - Observation Letter - National Stock Exchange  (PDF)

    Scheme of Amalgamation  (PDF)

    Valuation Report  (PDF)

    Audit Committee Report  (PDF)

    Fairness Opinion by Merchant Banker  (PDF)

    Shareholding Pattern - Pre & Post Amalgamation  (PDF)

          Audited Financials For Last Three Years – Wyeth Limited  

               Wyeth Summary Statement  (PDF)

               Wyeth Annual Report 2012-13   (PDF)

               Wyeth Annual Report 2011-12  (PDF)

               Wyeth Annual Report 2011  (PDF)

         Audited Financials For Last Three Years – Pfizer Limited  

                Pfizer Summary Statement   (PDF)

                Pfizer Annual Report 2012-13   (PDF)

                Pfizer Annual Report 2011-12   (PDF)

                Pfizer Annual Report 2011  (PDF)

    Clause 49 – Compliance Report  (PDF)

    Complaint / Comment Report  (PDF)

    SEBI Circular Part A Compliance Report  (PDF)

    Brief particulars of Wyeth Ltd and Pfizer Ltd  (PDF)



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